Learn How To Install Tape In Hair Extensions Like a Pro & Join a Multi Billion Dollar Industry

Tape In Hair Extensions has taken the world by storm.  The installation is Fast, easy & very profitable.  When completing this course you will be able to install extensions like a Pro.  Please take note that this course is only open to qualified hair stylists.

Course Overview:

  • Hair extensions theory & product background
  • How to do a successful consultation with your clients
  • How to match & prepare the hair correctly
  • A step by step guide - How to install tape in hair extensions
  • How to remove & rebond tape ins
  • BONUS CHAPTER:  Hair extensions styling secrets from a celebrity hair stylist
  • Receive your certificate of completion

How Will You Benefit:

  • Get the right knowledge on how to effectively install tape in hair extensions
  • increase your salon profit
  • Wholesalers pricelist
  • Client referrals 
  • Receive a printable manual to keep with you every step of the way

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why should I do this course and not just watch online videos?

The difference between our course and an online video as that our course will give you a full in-depth education on how to install tape in hair extensions.  Being a hairstylst you have to give your clients only the best service possible and there is no time for guessing or reviewing an online video.

  • How Long does this course take?

The course is only 2 hours long.  At the end of the course, you will complete a multiple choice test whereby you have to score 80% and higher to receive your certificate.  We believe in keeping our standards extremely high.  If you do not make it the first round, you can do it a second time, the more you learn the more successful you will be.

Pre-order this course and get ready to take your styling career to the next level.

About the instructor

Hair Extensions Specialist

Kim Riveley

Kim is a celebrity hairstylist and head of our training.  She is a qualified stylist with global styling experience.  She has worked at several international fashion shows and won multiple awards.

Take action NOW to increase your salon profit & install tape in hair extensions like a Pro